“A campaign was put together to help Putin painted as young

Putin was untainted by the old regime and a fresh face in the capital.Valentin Yumashev, was chairman of the the presidential executive office and Boris Yeltsin’s son in law. He says: “Yeltsin was looking for someone within his entourage close to him who could be offered up and, if things went well, could be elected”Putin was a modest man. He never spoke unless he was asked to, but when it was his turn and he had to he spoke.”When something had to be said he was very articulate, which was important.”A campaign was put together to help Putin painted as young, energetic and sporty against out going old, sick Yeltsin to take the reins from him when he stepped down.Pugachyov recalls in Putin: The New Tsar: ” I personally tried to convince Putin to become president..

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